Ramen Sundays

Ramen Sundays at Riyadh

Roka Riyadh introduces a new and exclusive selection of Ramen

Every Sunday, for lunch and dinner, Roka will offer a trilogy of distinctive ramen dishes exclusive to Riyadh.

Beef Paitan Ramen
Flavourful chicken stock, perfectly textured egg noodles and the addition of succulent grilled beef skewers boasting tantalizing smoky notes.

Chicken Paitan Ramen
Chicken stock and egg noodles complemented tender grilled chicken.

Zaru Soba
A seasonal delight. Earthy buckwheat noodles, soy dashi dipping sauce, complete with notes of umami.

Pick your favourite from this simple yet delicious Japanese selection.


  • When: Sundays for lunch & dinner


  • You can make a reservation online for up to 7 guests. For larger parties, or to enquire about our semi-private dining room, please contact our team.

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